The REAL SEXY Guide to Men’s Self-care (2022)

The REAL SEXY Guide to Men’s Self-care (2022)


It’s time to trash the outdated guide to being men and show pride to who you really are.


With how they look and how they behave, men and women have their differences. But, at the root of it all, both people have the right to feel things. For the lack of a better term, the past few years have been bad for most of us. The world changed quickly and it is scary to think that things will never be the same. Most of us had a hard time trying to cope -- it’s valid.

As the world slowly recovers, we also should find ways to keep going. It is important to note that self-care also means taking care of yourself mentally. Finding how can be challenging but there are definitely sure things to remember to help you start.


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1. You ARE already the perfect fit


Men are victims of harsh judgement too. People forget that they also can feel overwhelmed living up to people’s standards. They feel like they need to stop being expressive. If there is something that needs to be left behind, it’s restricting yourself from being YOU.


‘Dress to impress’ has always been the common saying. And, I think ‘dress to express’ is the better motto to follow. Men can want other things aside from what’s expected of them. No matter the age or gender, there is no shame in investing in good quality clothing – in finding the right fit.


It is time to move past stereotypes and boldly be who we have always wanted ourselves to be. Women have already come to terms with who they are and how they look in what they wear. Moving forward, I think men should too.


Even if we try, there are parts of our bodies that can’t be changed. Instead of spending time being sad about it, I think it is time to focus our attention on learning how to embrace what we think are our ‘imperfections’.



2. Choose what is  sustainable

Some things are meant to be left behind. Like a garment, some habits wear us and what is around us down. It’s okay to move past what we are conformed to because, sometimes, the best things in life are beyond what we would consider our comfort zones. If you were to look at yourself as clothes, it is time to look beyond the wardrobe and find something that can suit yourself better without risking your own welfare and our environment’s.



3. Find a good deal


There are some tradeoffs in life that we simply regret. At the end of the day, it’s only us who know ourselves best. It’s 2021! It’s the age to move past sticking to the ‘norm’ and find what works better for you. If life were a sale, everyone would still be picky about what item to choose. Often, we choose the products that will complement us best.

It’s the same case with life choices. We should pursue things that let us shine, instead of something that hides from the world.


Choose colorful apparel—the sustainable kind that doesn’t wear down easily. Whether you are having fun at a beach in Ibiza, walking around the busy streets of Amsterdam, or braving through an office day at Paris La Défense, all it takes is a good fit for you to unleash your inner Tom Hiddleston or Cristiano Ronaldo. Like quality swimwear, you can never go wrong with choosing something that can let you comfortably carry extra weight.


You only have one life and it’s best to pursue the kind that lets you celebrate and show pride about who you really are. Take the time to discover what fits well for you -- something that can help you capture the best things in life effortlessly. Find an environment where you can succeed. After all, life is short. In a few years, other people’s judgments of you won’t matter. There is only one version of you so celebrate it with your head held high.


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